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Lucy’s grandfather takes Lucy and her friends to Tea Time with Rabbit and Vintage Shop on William’s Island. He wants his granddaughter to experience afternoon tea like he did as a boy growing up in Maryport, England. At Tea Time with Rabbit and Vintage Shop Lucy and her friends meet Annie Baker, the owner.


Annie Baker helps the children dress up and gives the children a tour of the tea room and the gardens of her Victorian Home.Lucy’s grandfather serves as a host and shows the children what afternoon tea is all about along with proper tea etiquette.

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The Grocery Store Alphabet Game Book is more like a Norman Rockwell story between mother and daughter. Plus, it works as a nutritional book as for children with or without disabilities.

I got the idea for the Grocery Store Alphabet Game from a food dictionary. I decided to expand the idea and turned it into an alphabet book. I had mother and daughter take turns with the alphabet and share a little story of the food or items they found in the grocery store.

MY AWARD-WINNING BOOK - Grocery Store Alphabet Game

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The Rabbit's Family celebrate their annual Christmas Eve dinner on Annie's Island where they prepare a feast and decorate their home and tea room with Christmas and Hanukkah decorations.


They invite their friends and neighbors that live on the island to join them.Since this Hanukkah falls on December 24th, Christmas Eve, Henry and his parents and their guests join the Cat's Family in the lighting of the first candle on the Menorah. The celebration includes opening presents, singing and enjoying the festivity of the holidays.

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